The Umbria Region is a world-wide appreciated wine-tourism destination. Tradition speaks of home cuisine with meat and small game on top and of course, fine wines. In southern Umbria, at not even an hour from Rome and in what’s considered to be the geographical centre of Italy there's the city of Narni, known for its ring race contest, a medieval times historical annual commemoration, and its numerous natural beauties. In Narni it is possible to imagine the battles form the "Chronicles of Narnia", ideally based in Narni.

In such an inspiring frame, Narni offers also a rich natural environment and appropriate land for high quality wine growing that in the past years has been attracting wine lovers.

Specifically, between Narni and Otricoli, near the town of Gualdo di Narni, the valley that opens itself was covered by the sea in the Pliocene era leaving behind sediments, sea-shells, fossils and lime. All of this gives the definite flavor to the wines, a true trademark of the territory.

In this soil, where digging for 50 cm is enough to find the sea-shells, the vineyards of the Calispone Winery are planted.

Climate is tempered, with important day-night temperature variations during the summer season that give intense aromas to its wines. Structure and longevity in an elegant frame are the main characteristics of the wines. Fine wines and a breathtaking landscape recall lots of tourists and the winery is always ready to receive them for a visit and a wine-tasting experience.