The philosophy that drives field operations drives the winery operations too. In the wine-making process no synthetic products or adjuvants for colour or aroma improvement are added to the musts and wines. At Calispone, wine is made mainly on the field and we believe that the final product must somehow reflect each year’s climate conditions.

In Calispone, each harvest is a revelation and a surprise, yet always keeping in mind the typical taste characteristics.

The winery has numerous stainless steel tanks for wine making and conservation and a cellar with tonneaux and barriques made from French oak where wines mature at controlled temperature and humidity rates, accompanied by a soft background of classical music.

Each year, considering the overall quality of each wine, the wine maker decides the period it should be matured in oak barrels and the period of aging once bottled, before placement on the market. Wines that are matured in stainless steel will be aged in bottles for at least 6 months.

Wine-making and aging stainless steel tanks, tonneaux and barrels and all the necessary equipment for wine-making have been carefully selected choosing high quality and technological standards.

Our wines have low contents of sulphur dioxide and so they are healthy and smooth wines to drink and do without the typical headache feeling at the end of thewine-tastings.